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We offer a flat 20% offer on every chemo wig. Official partner for Appollo and HCG in India. Free demo at your door step available for your city today.It's sterilized, clinically checked.

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Welcome to Wigs Design, global leaders in offering best hair bonding, hair extensions and hair fixing in Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore, India. People who lost their hair due to illness, lifestyle imbalance, hereditary or due to any other disorders we help them with the variety of treatment like hair bonding, fixing and extensions to cure or treat their hair loss conditions.

We have vast years of experience and skilled professionals to offer innovative hair loss treatments by using advanced technologies. We have built upon a set of visions and principles, adding to the well-being and health of our patients by providing them an outstanding hair loss or baldness treatment across the nation.

We are an ISO 9001-2008

We were awarded with ISO certification in 2o12 for the standards we maintain in making wigs, especially chemo wigs, we got 9.5/10 on reviews.

The hair loss treatments we offer are…

Hair Bonding in Chennai, India

Hair loss occurs more in men compared to women, balding becomes a major concern for lots of people and when it comes to treating hair loss without surgery there are several ways and one of them is hair bonding. We provide the best hair bonding in Chennai, India at the unbeatable price range.

The hair bonding treatment we provide is sophisticated and virtually undetectable, it’s a non-surgical method to restore your hair to natural levels to suit your lifestyle so that you can get natural looking results. This treatment will give you a head full of hair and not affect the routine life you can carry on your regular hair activities like coloring, styling, and haircut for the desired look.

Hair bonding is a popular, easy and a great way to add volume to your own hair. So you don’t have to suffer from hair loss, based on your requirements and the analysis of your scalp our expert team will provide hair bonding solution.

Hair Bonding

What Hair Bonding?

Hair bonding method is a separable painless and non-surgical way for hair loss or partial baldness this system is speedy and have no side effect. Hair bonding strategy is picking up fame among both men as well as women.

Hair Bonding is a technique that needs auto lock clips to attach the patch with present hair. With these auto lock clips, the bonding patch can be applied or removed any time.

Hair bonding strategy is advantageous compared to other surgical and non-surgical treatment for baldness.

Benefits of Hair Bonding

  • Cost Effective
  • Painless
  • Non-Surgical
  • Quick procedure
  • Best Solution for Baldness treatment
  • Easy Maintenance

Essential Tips for Maintaining Hair Bonding Patch

  • Shampoo and Condition
  • Appropriate Combing
  • Use Wide-Toothed Comb
  • Go to Bed with Straight Hair
  • Avoid Heat Treatment
  • Use Cold Water
  • Keep Your Scalp Clean
  • Give up Hair Ties
  • Protect Your Hair
  • Do Not Skip the Trim
  • Stay Away From the Rain
  • Avoid Hair Coloring
  • Follow Your Diet
  • Do Not Wash Your Hair Too Often

Products Should You Use to Maintain Hair Bonding Patch

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair Masks
  • Leave-In Conditioners
  • Leave-In Serums
  • Wide-Tooth Comb
  • Hair Oils

Hair Fixing in Chennai, India

Hair Fixing

Hair fixing treatment is a very famous method to cure partial baldness, it is a non-surgical procedure guarantee very fast results in no time. You can get a natural looking hair and also style your hair the way you like. It allows you to lead a trouble-free life you can do all activities like taking showers, going to the gym, swimming, or indulge in sports. It is cost-effective, suitable for both men and women and offers you comfort and natural looking hair.

We are a pioneer in this field our dedication made us the preferred brand and choice of celebrities, movie stars, and other public personalities.

It is very important to get your hair fixed as early as you start losing your hair. Let us help you to cover baldness, rebuild your confidence with our hair fixing in Chennai, India. It is the most advanced and most comfortable method of hair restoration without surgery. Get the most natural and gorgeous look in no time!

It’s difficult to recognize or tell the difference between your natural hairs and hair fixed, it’s a non-surgical and completely painless process done according to the thickness and structure of the existing hair. This process takes less time to finish and hair can be made straight, curly or wavy as you want. It can be done on the affected area or fully. You can do all regular activities after fixing your hair like bathing, swimming or combing or leading an active life.

Why Hair Fixing is best?

Hair fixing solutions are now becoming more advanced and available to you in all big cities. We at Wigs Design provide you your look, personality, and confidence back with our hair fixing treatments. It is a non-surgical and painless way of hair restoration with no side effects and offers you complete natural looking hair.

It is a reasonable process wherein our hair experts use the latest strategies to treat hair thinning and baldness issues. With this non-surgical treatment, you can live an active lifestyle without any restrictions, you can travel, swim and shampoo your hair.

Hair fixing is the best way of giving natural appearing hair to bald persons by fixing the hair system to the affected area. It is undetectable, safe and swift technique offers full peace of mind, we provide brief consultations to our customers, after discussing and analyzing hair loss issues we then advise the suitable solution.

After knowing hair fixing is a non-surgical method to treat partial hair loss, where artificial or human hair is fixed to present hair, let us see its benefits

Benefits of Hair Fixing

There are several advantages of hair fixing over hair transplant such as

  • When compared to hair transplant hair fixing is a less costly and very fast process, it will take only one sitting or 2 hours. Hair fixing gives you high hair volume at very affordable rates.
  • Today Hair fixing is very famous, lots of celebrities, film stars, sports person are using in India and abroad.
  • Hair fixing is an instant solution to temporary and permanent hair loss or baldness. The treatments are cost-effective compared to hair transplants. In hair fixing, a density of the hair is also much greater compared to hair transplant.
  • Hair transplant is a long method whereas fixing offers you an immediate excellent hair density.

Hair Extensions in Chennai, India

Dreaming of long hair? Now, it’s possible to get long hairs in no time with hair extensions. These are the best method to provide extra volume, density, length and also the color of your choice to your existing hair. Hair extensions are temporary attachments that are fixed with your natural hair with the help of clips or glue it offers you beautiful natural looking hair without causing any damage to your own hairs.

We offer wonderful quality, varied color, and undetectable hair extensions in Chennai, India to provide dense, long, healthy, soft and natural hair to our valued client’s at most affordable rates.

Our professionals will discuss with clients about their color, length, thickness and style choices to give them a unique look with precious, healthy and real hair extensions. When it comes to Hair extensions, Hair Bonding, Hair Fixing in Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai we are leading players in this domain.

Hair Extensions

A customer can avail these products and services from us at industry leading prices. If you have any query related to hair contact us to get personalized and professional help from experts.

Why Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are very alluring methods for completing an extraordinary number of stunning things with your hair and individual style. By adding hair extensions you can get the instant length to your hair, you can try various looks, accomplish a look impractical with your existing hair, and a few other best possibilities. This flexibility has made hair extensions a standout amongst the most well-known hair services.

There are various types of extensions available in the market such as

  • Clip-in hair extensions
  • Tape-in extensions
  • Sew-in hair extensions
  • Fusion hair extensions
  • Micro link hair extensions
  • Weave hair extensions

There are several benefits of hair extensions

  • Add Length Instantly
  • Add Density
  • Variety of Hair Style
  • Varied Hair Color Options
  • Hide Split Ends
  • Saves Time
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Easy To Apply and Remove
  • Light Weight
  • Natural
  • Reusable
  • Gives Beautiful Look


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Frequently Asked Questions

By Wigsdesign
What are the differences between human hair and synthetic hair?
There are advantages to both and many people choose to have human hair and synthetic hair wigs on hand for different circumstances. Human Hair offers the most natural look and feel as well as styling versatility. While typically more expensive, with proper care, human hair can last over a year. Synthetic hair tends to be a more affordable choice and offers great ease of wear — wigs can often be worn right out of the box with little or no styling.

How can I place an order?

Click on the Book a Visit button and schedule an appointment with us , our expert will visit you at your place , enjoy a free demo at the comfort of your home or you can visit our store near to you. We have stores across India 

How do I put on a wig?
After removing your wig from the box, take off the protective hairnet (if the style has one) and give it a good shake. If it is a ready-to-wear synthetic hair, you are ready to go! If it requires customization (such as trimming a lace front), we recommend you consult a hair stylist. Check out our salon locator to find local salons familiar with wearable hair.
If you have a lot of your own hair, the first step is to gather it back and up. One great trick is to separate hair into two sections on each side of your head. Twist the hair as you pull it back and around the head so that it will eventually lay flat. This tactic can help avoid a pony tail bulge. You may choose to use pins, braids, wig caps (recommended) or a great product called Sure Grip to secure your hair. A wig cap can be helpful even without hair to keep wigs secure and in place.
Hold your wig at the sides (ear tabs) and starting at the front, place it at your natural hairline. Slide it on toward the nape of your neck and shift as needed using the ear tabs to help center your wig. Adjustable straps at the nape may help to achieve a more secure fit. If handling a lace front wig, take care not to tug on the lace as it can be a bit delicate.
Don't worry if it doesn't look perfect right away, start styling

How long will my wig last ?

Generally, synthetic hair wigs can last over 1 year if you don't wear wigs every day and take good care. Lace front wigs can last longer, as the hairs were all needled to lace by hand. Of course, 100% human hair wigs can goover 3 years.

Can I swim or shower with my wig?
We do not recommend this. It can put too much stress on the hair and create unmanageable tangles. Also, pool chemicals and salt can damage the hair and affect color.
Is my wig covered by Warranty?
You can avail a warranty at an additional cost
Can I color my wig?
Most styles come in a number of colors, lessening the need to color. While synthetic hair cannot be dyed, human hair wigs can. But it is a tricky process that should be handled by a hair professional only. We recommend only going darker, not lighter -- there is a lot of chemical processing involved in the making of a wig and additional manipulation can cause damage.
What is the best way to store a wig?
A wig stand or mannequin is ideal. It will help keep the hair from becoming tangled and will help to maintain shape. Also, see if you can find a cool, dry spot to keep wigs in the best condition.


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